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iTAC DEFENSE RDS1 Red Dot Sight for SIG Assault Rifles

iTAC Red Dot Sight is a versatile and lightweight sighting solution for handguns, rifles, and shotguns.

cool item

m4 Carbine 30-Round Spring-loaded Magazine

This magazine comes with extra storage capacity. Never feel like you're running out with this great accessory.

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Carbon Fiber Pocket-Fit Handcuffs with Keys

These are made out of carbon fiber. They're so lightweight you might even forget that you have them on.


Multi-colors, Long-sleeve Shirts

This long-sleeved shirt comes with multiple layers to ensure you go all day long and never run out of shirts.


About C.O.P.S., Inc. Gun Shop


C.O.P.S is a law enforcement member and veteran owned business and our expertise is what you need to find the right equipment for your needs. We are a liscensed Federal Firearms Dealer capable of firearm transfers for only $20.00. We will buy, trade, cosign, and special order to take care of all your firearms needs. 

With an available inventory of over 2 millions products, if we can't find what you're looking for, then you don't need it. 

Here at C.O.P.S we're always adding new merchandise, and if you can't find what you need, contact us and we can find it. We always have items on sale, if you're just browsing, so stop by and take a look at our sale stock and see if we have anything that suits your needs. 

Stop into our store, conveniently located near downtown sycamore or give us a call at 815-899-2997. We'd be happy to talk over your needs and find you options that will fit your budget.

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We are located at 1210 East State Street, Suite #5 in Sycamore, IL. Stop by and see everything we have in stock for you or give us a call at 1-(815)-899-2997. We look forward to seeing you and helping you with all your firearm needs.